Last year, Flipt helped 100 Keyes agents generate over 12,000 seller prospects

"I listed a $2.9M home after 4 months of using the Flipt Advertising platform, but that deal will generate around a 1775% ROI! I am very happy with the results." - Jimmy Branham | Luxury Sales Associate - Keyes Company

"Amazing results in 48 hours! We selected 3 zip codes in our local market and received 16 home valuation prospects within 48 hours. Amazing response to our customized ads. Looking forward to scheduling our first listing appointment and listing their home." - Dan Kittrell | Sales Associate - Keyes Company

"Within a few hours of signing up, I had a lead. In my meeting the next morning, I explained the system to my agents, and within an hour, we had purchased all ZIP codes in our town and a few others. There are many places to buy internet leads, but Flipt is by far the best value for the investment. I have recommended it to all of our management team." - Tom Whitehouse | District Sales Manager - Keyes Company

How it works

1. Customize Your Ad Flipt automatically offers tested headlines, copy and a set of beautiful background images for your convenience. But all the ads are fully customizable.

2. Reach Home Sellers  

Flipt uses social and housing data to identify homeowners in your ZIP code at the early stage of their selling decision before they enter the marketplace and contact your competitors.  

Then displays your ad on a network of 4 million mobile apps like Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CNN Money, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more.

3. Call Prospects  

Provided Home Valuation Landing Page allows you to capture contact information from local homeowners (you'll get an e-mail and SMS notification that they opt-in their info for you).  

If you start building a relationship early on, you have a chance to list their home when they are ready.

"Top Technology in Real Estate" by NAR, 2016


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